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Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Action Committee

The Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Action Committee consists of a chair and at least four members, appointed for two-year terms by the Midwest Chapter/MLA President. The IDEAC Chair will serve as a non-voting member of the Midwest/MLA Executive Board. The committee will be responsible for formulating action items relevant to the goals outlined below and communicating them to the appropriate parties for execution.

The Committee will evaluate and improve Midwest/MLA practices as they relate to diversity, equity, and inclusion in areas such as:

  • Midwest/MLA defining documents, including vision, mission, values, and code of ethics statements;
  • Midwest/MLA programs, including but not limited to the Annual Meeting and CE course offerings;
  • engaging members in a constructive discourse on sensitive issues when appropriate
  • encouraging members from underrepresented demographics to be involved in Midwest/MLA’s leadership structure;
  • actively recruiting and supporting Midwest/MLA members from diverse backgrounds;

in order to:

  • build activities and programs that create and sustain diverse, inclusive, equitable, and welcoming cultures and practices;
  • ensure that members, volunteers, and staff are able to engage meaningfully with issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion;
  • ensure that what we do as an organization, and how we do it, affirms and includes all our members;
  • attract a diverse community of members that reflects the profession and communities we serve;
  • apply the existing best practices of professional associations with regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The committee will communicate with members, coordinate efforts with existing Midwest/MLA entities such as conference planning committees, and make recommendations to the Board.

Current Roster

Chair: Caroline Allen


  • Merete Christianson
  • Jodi Jameson
  • Jessica DeCaro
  • Lisa McGuire

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